We need a dealer finder with a custom faceted filter.

D'Ewart Representatives is a non-stocking manufacturers' representative agency. They needed a custom Manufacturers' Finder that could be filtered on multiple facets as well as dynamically display site posts relevant to the selected criteria.

Each manufacturer card is based on a WordPress custom post type with custom taxonomies for region served and product type.  By leveraging Muuri, a JavaScript layout engine, I was able to create a multi-facet filter that searches specific tags in each manufacturer card to live-update the results.  Additionally, the facets for Product Type and Keyword filter another set of results to display site posts relevant to the selected product type or that contain the user-entered keyword.

The client also wanted the ability to link from their front page to specific keyword searches.  I wired up the hash in the URL to auto-populate the Keyword text field and update the news and manufacturers grid search based on that keyword search: https://www.dewart.com/manufacturers/#large-power-users.