We want to leverage our vendor's API to populate shopping cart and place orders

Shop staff were spending a lot of time on the phone with customers talking them through available options when ordering new tires. Good news though! The shop's tire vendor offers an API for real-time inventory search and live ordering.  I was asked to leverage this API to create a custom shopping cart and ordering system powered by live inventory queried just-in-time for every tire size search.

Available tires are queried live from the vendor's inventory via their API.  Images, pricing, and availability are all included in the search results. A custom-built mini cart uses JS Local Storage to keep track of the tires a customer has selected. When the customer completes checkout, an order XML file is dynamically generated on the server side and sent directly to the vendor via their Ordering API.

Both the user and shop manager are sent order confirmation receipt emails via MailJet transactional message API that include the customer's contact information and a summary of their tire order.

After the order is successfully placed, the customer's shopping cart is replaced with available installation appointment times, queried in real time from the shop's online booking system.

The tire store app also runs at the shop on kiosk in the customer service area.