Client Story: 2 Brothers Moving

I'm super into automation and leveraging technology to streamline business process elevate my customer's experience. Unfortunately, actually implementing my tech vision is a bit outside my wheelhouse and I'm grateful to have you on my team.

I really appreciate your passion, skill, and business outcome focus (which I’m sure you know is a rare combo).
Adam Sweet
Owner, 2 Brothers Moving

Corporate Portal

"Thanks to careful planning and a thoughtful implementation from MOM+POP, we've been able to seamlessly integrate the new Move Portal application into our existing business process."
"We used to copy and paste our mission-critical job information from our Google Sheets 'backend' into the Notes field on Google Calendar events. Yikes! Our justification for using Calendar notes was so our movers could "easily" access the data on their mobile phones. We used Sheets because... well, we're not sure. Needless to say, this approach was severely lacking.

We felt frozen and didn't know exactly how to get ourselves out of this fix. We were afraid of disrupting A) our entire truck scheduling system, which was also tied to Google Calendar, and B) our business intelligence analysis, which was tied to our Google Sheets data collection process.

First, MOM+POP worked to extract from our existing business logic. Next, these processes were wrapped into a web application that was both mobile-friendly for movers to use on the road AND easy for our move coordinators to enter data on their full-sized devices.

We've been able to seamlessly integrate the new application into our existing business process without disrupting our flow on either side of the new application:

Our driver experience interacting with their schedule is unchanged while the ways that they consume and interact with the data have improved 10-fold. And after the job is complete, the app exports only relevant data points back out to our legacy business intelligence database for aggregate analysis."

Process Automation + Systems Integration

"Our lead-management was a mess. With inbound sales opportunities from website chats, VoIP calls, web forms, and Yelp! inquiries, we were having a hard time even tracking leads, let alone pushing them through our pipeline.

In one fell swoop, we were able to normalize our inbound lead data and consolidate our disparate lead sources to our CRM, leading to a measurable increase in closed deals that would have otherwise languished and died.

In addition to closing more deals, we're also able to track conversion rates across our inbound sales channels and make better-informed decisions about where to spend our marketing budget."

Data Optimization

"We run a business intelligence dashboard out to a series of flatscreen displays in our warehouse to keep our employees updated on metrics vital to our customer satisfaction and corporate margin."
2 Brothers had painted themselves into a corner with their BI dashboard data consumption. Several reports used hard-coded queries to aggregate data on individual employees.

Every time there was a staffing change, these queries had to be rewritten to reflect the employee changes. Ultimately, and unsurprisingly, the BI dashboard slowly fell out of sync with the employee list due to the technical nature of the updates.

To fix this problem, we went upstream to the data source: Google Sheets. (We have already identified an immediate need for migration from Google Sheets to a proper data lake.)

At the data source, we created an easily-updated list of employees to make sure staff actually updated the info. This employee list was then used to drive a dynamic SQL query resulting in aggregated employee data in the exact format that the BI reports were expecting.

Now, the employee dashboard in the warehouse reflects the current staffing in real time without the business having to refactor either their source data or the report display fields.